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Pretty Kitty 60 Day Challenge

During this 60 day challenge you will be using the kit provided and seeing us once a month. You have the choice to focus on brightening or Ingrown's. It is recommended to maintain a wax during this time so the product can effectively reach your skin. Progress photos will be taken. Depending on your starting condition more sessions may be required in which it can be added. 

Once your investment is made, we will book your treatments out. 

* Please note progress photos will be taken for client file.

  1. Can I start after Jan 15th?          Answer: Yes 

  2. If I am out of state, can I still join?                   Answer: Yes, a kit can be shipped out to you, and we will check in via video chat.

  3. If I want to purchase just the kit, how can I? 

Click the tab " SHOP ALL" and you will see the option for the kit. Enter your info and it will be shipped out. May purchase for pick up as well. 

Join now by clicking the link below. 

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